Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

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Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

Hi everyone,

My Office 2010 beta just expired, so I had to uninstall MS Office 2010 and reinstall the official release.

After the uninstall, I saved my pst file to a different location and cleaned the AppData directory of Outlook which contained the pst files and other files. I installed Office 2010 and when I opened Outlook it missed the Outlook.pst file. So I put my old pst file back in the AppData dir.

But when I select the pst file to open, it throws the message (translated from dutch): " Access is denied. You don't have permission to open C:\Users\..\..\..\..\Outlook.pst" .

I checked the properties of the file. readonly was not selected and I changed the security permission for me to full control. (it was set to read & write) But this had no effect.

I moved my Outlook.pst and let Outlook 2010 create a new Outlook.pst file. After that I noticed that all my emailaccounts where still in place, so I wonder where Outlook saved my accounts. Now I wanted to import my Outlook_old.pst file, but I still get the message:

" Access is denied. You don't have permission to open C:\Users\..\..\..\..\Outlook.pst" .

I really want my old mailbox back, so if any of you guys has an idea for me, I would be very grateful

Kind regards,


Ps. I did the backup & replace of my Outlook.pst file a bunch of times in Office 2003 and Office 2007 and never got this message.

Roady [MVP]

Re: Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

You should not have emptied the AppData directory of Outlook; Outlook 2010 would have automatically picked up your settings then. By deleting its contents you've corrupted your mail profile and you'll have to recreate it via the Mail applet in Control Panel. For details see;


Overwriting/replacing your pst-file like this will also corrupt your mail profile. The proper way is to reconnect to your pst-file via;

File-> Open-> Open Outlook Data File

Also, copy your pst-file to the " Outlook Files" directory in your My Documents folder (or create it if it doesn't exist). Leaving it in the AppData structure is asking for it to be forgotten someday. By keeping it in your My Documents folder, it'll be less likely that you'll forget it to include in your backups ;-)

In addition, also see;


Robert Sparnaaij



Re: Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

Thanks for the info. It was really stupid of me to empty the appdata :(

My backup pst file was corrupt and repairtool could not fix it. Fortunately I keep track of my email on two computers, so I could copy the pst file again and succesfully import it in Outlook.

Kind regards,



Re: Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

Make sure you have admin rights and you have not make any changes in Outlook PST file location. Please also lee me know, when did you get the error message.


Outlook PST Repair


Re: Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

I got the error:

- When I wanted to import the .pst file in Outlook

- When I wanted to open the .pst file in Outlook

- When I replaced the .pst file Outlook currently uses and replace it with my backup .pst file.

When I used the repairtool I got the message that the .pst file was readonly. But when I checked the properties, the readonly checkbox was not checked.

So I let the repairtool have it's way and it came to the conclusion that my .pst file was corrupted and it's repair function could not fix my .pst file.

The things I did to make it work again:

- I made a new mail profile for Outlook in control panel.

- I copied the .pst file from my Outlook on a different computer. (which was not corrupted in the process of moving it)

and I could successfully import that .pst file.

Russ Valentine

Re: Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

Note that Roady told you to open your PST file, not import it. Importing an entire PST file loses or misplaces data. Moreover, Outlook 2010 now has an option when you use manual configuration for your mail accounts that lets you connect to a pre-existing data file when creating a new profile. That would have been your best move.Russ Valentine


Re: Outlook 2010 Access Denied. Cannot open pst file‏

Thanks, Russ. I'll remind that for the future.
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