windows 7 and outlook 2010 microsoft security username and password request

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richard doc

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i have newly installed above. have downloaded my outlook exchanger server ( from blackberry company ) now keeps asking for username and password before i can open my profile .. what is microsoft security and these requests


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If you did not install Microsoft Security Essentials, what you have is a rogue program, and you should use the link above to help with removal. If it is, in fact, the rogue program, you will need assistance in removing it, or find a tool that will remove it, or contact the manufacturer of your antimalware product (ie norton, mcafee, etc) for support in removing it.

If you did install Microsoft Security Essentials, there is no need to remove it. What you should do is to make certain that no other realtime antimalware products are installed.

Verify that you have removed all other real-time antimalware products that were ever installed on your PC, including free/trial products that were installed when the PC was purchased (Norton, McAfee, TM, AVG, OneCare, Malwarebytes (paid), etc). Then, use the cleanup tools here: List of anti-malware program cleanup/uninstall tools

NOTE: If you have installed Adobe FLASH, and you already had the google toolbar, you were presented with the option to install “McAfee Security Scanner”, which is selected by default. If you were caught by this, and unknowingly/accidently installed McAfee, uninstall it and use the McAfee cleanup tool in the list above.


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richard doc

thanks, i have nothing else at all .

the new windows 7 -purchased and installed , new office 10 installed , no adobe, no other programmes at all. firts thing i did was download my outlook profile for the company exchange server , profile is there ok, but opening the outlook profile a box saying microsoft security username passwors tried all i can think off , is it related to the PC ? or my email settings ? dont undertsnad .

Stephen Boots [MVP]

I am moving your thread to the Outlook forums as I believe that this is an Outlook issue. You could check in your account settings in Outlook - more settings/security tab to see if the " always prompt for credentials" option is checked.


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Tools, Account Settings.


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Tools, Account Settings.


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why am i being asked for a charge to install outlook express for windows 7 when i had it on windows xp and windows 7?????????????????


Stephens answer is closer, but I can't believe how many people were so off the mark with their responses.

Basically, Outlook 2010 on Windows 7. The default account is the mailbox on the corporate Exchange Server.

Every time Outlook is started, it pops up a Windows Security login prompt. Nothing to do with malware. This is " by design" , but only in certain circumstances, such as " always prompt for credentials" being checked.

Another is that you have Outlook logins defined in the Credential Manager.

Close Outlook, goto Start>Control Panel>User Accounts, click " Manage your credentials" , scroll down to " Generic Credentials" and remove from the vault any that start with " MS.Outlook:" .

Now when you start Outlook it'll use your corporate domain login without prompting.

This situation occurs if you add multiple accounts to Outlook that have different logins, and then remove some of those accounts. The stored credentials get left behind and Outlook can't decide which one to use.
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