Can't send email from outlook 2003

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I recently was unable to send out email on outlook 2003. I use Verizon as my internet provider. I use my email account on the outlook 2003. I was able to previously send and receive email.


It receives messages, but gets stuck on receiving messages on outlook. If I go directly to my optonline service, the message is there. It is something only with outlook. I have it set on the default settings and until yesterday had no issues.


Excuse me I got it backwards. It gets stuck on sending messages. Sorry.


The error I get when trying to send from the outlook outbox is

Task -Sending reported error 0x80042109 outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. is my ISP.

All works fine if I go through hotmail including sending from

I needed to change the outgoing server from to and it worked
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