Can delegates see owner's sent items from their own outlook using the sharing options?

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We are using Outlook 2003 w/SP3 and have set up an email account account (on an NT Server) to use for inviting people to events. We did this so more than one person could manage the replies. We are having 2 problems:

1) We would like to be able to see the sent items from this general email account from our own outlook instead of logging out of the system and then logging back in under it's id.

2) We all need to be able to send meeting notices from this calendar, however, everyone is getting the meeting notice replies in their own inbox. Is there a way to turn that off?

Thanks for your help!


Roady [MVP]

Are we talking about an Exchange account here?

1) You can do this by setting the correct permissions on the additional mailbox and then add the additional mailbox to your own mail profile. See

2) Make sure that you have Send As or Send on Behalf Of delegate permissions on that additional mailbox. Also, make sure that you create the meeting in the calendar of the additional mailbox. Also see;Scheduling meeting for someone else adds myself


Yes, I did try this but it only offers the inbox, not sent items. I am delegated as an owner and as an author in the sharing properties of the sent items folder.


Thanks a bunch! There are so many places to set the permissions! Once I had them all synched up it works! Thanks!
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