Re: How do I remove On Behalf Of in the headers

Brian Tillman

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I can't think off-hand what could be causing this. If it were an earlier version of Outlook, I could suggest something. Perhaps someone else will have an idea.

Natasha Dsouza

Login to your email account through webmail and Try to send an email from webmail and check if the issue occurs.

If it does then it could be some webmail mail setting enabled on your email account.

Diane Poremsky

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Outlook version
Outlook 2016 32 bit
Email Account
Office 365 Exchange

Do you select the correct account for sending or just type the address in the From field? Do you have an separate account configured on the mail server (with its own username and password) or do you use a catchall account, where all mail goes into one mailbox on the server and one username/password downloads it?

Many mail servers will not allow you to send mail through their servers using an address that does not have its own mailbox, so sending mail from other address in a catchall account will always include the default address.

Typing an address in the from field will always do 'on behalf' of.



I'm using a Bell mail address (my then i have other account from my personnal web site.. and they are mail account server.

Sympatico is and my web site is,

I'm not a computer guru, i just see when i'm sending a email from my web site account to someone and he answer me keeping the message I sent when it come back in the headers it says On behalf of my sympatico account



Did you ever resolve this? If so how? I have the same problem, using Bell as well and it's driving me crazy.

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