Transferring Calendar from old hard drive to new computer?

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The motherboard on my old laptop died. I just got a new laptop and I am trying to transfer my files over. The hard drive on my old computer is fine and I currently have it in an enclosure allowing me to see it as a removable drive. I was running Office 2010 Beta on the old laptop and have Office 2010 Professional Plus installed on my new laptop. My e-mail acocunts are IMAP so I had no problem recovering all of my old e-mails. I cannot seem to get my calendar to transfer though. I replaced the Outlook Data File on the new computer with the Outlook Data File from the old computer but it didn't seem to do anything. Did I miss something? Is the calendar stored elsewhere? I can't find the more recent .pst backups.

Thanks for any help!

Roady [MVP]

The pst-file contains everything. You really should not replace pst-files in order to try to restore them. Copy them over to a convenient location on your local drive (without overwriting any existing pst-files) and connect them to Outlook via;
File-> Open-> Open Outlook Data File...

Additionally see;
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