PST Disappears - Backup PST disappears - newly generated PST has email from 2 weeks ago - what's happening?

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Hey Doug

Hi all... email was working fine except for some slowness. I believe my PST was getting to big. After a few hours I went to open outlook and was informed that Outlook could not locate my pst. I checked the default location and no pst existed. I created a new pst and when it ipened, there was email there from over 2 weeks ago but it was not my "original" pst... this one floors me, any ideas? - with thanks

Roady [MVP]

It probably just downloaded those emails from the server into the new pst-file.

It's hard to say what happened to your original pst-file from the information provided. It could have been caused by a manual cleanup procedure or your virus scanner could have placed in in quarantine but there are many more possibilities.

It might be a hard lesson for now, but this is also why you should store your backups in a secure location which cannot be altered by anything or touched by anyone until needed or the backup set needs to be updated.
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