deleted items folder missing in outlook 2007

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Hello forum

there is a problem with a user's outlook 2007, the deleted items folder is missing. I tried various methods, no luck.

this outlook 2007 is configured as client for exchange 2003.

the deleted items folder is somewhere because I can type outlook:deleted items , then that folder will show up. But it is gone from the normal location on the left hand side.

I tried MFCMapi, I can view that users's folder structure, I didn't see anything awry.

But I need get deleted items folder back.

any input welcome.

Many thanks in advance


Roady [MVP]

Start Outlook with the resetfolders switch;

Start-> Run; outlook.exe /resetfolders

(note the space in the command)

Robert Sparnaaij




thanks for the reply.

I am sure I tried

outlook /resetfolders

outlook /resetnavpanel

and some other switches,

still no luck.



Guruprasad Ra

Create a new profile for outlook and then check if it resolves your issue.
Click here for information on creating outlook profiles.
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