Incoming email titles - i need them back (please help...)

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when i installed office 2010 - i set-up my email - i was overwhelmed with all the changes as i began receiving emails - as in office 2007 - the emails came in under "headers" such as "today" , "yesterday" , "last week" "older"

but then hit something and ALL the "headers were gone. Additionally when i pull the emails by the "from" filter - there is no "header" there either so now i can't delete or move a group of emails as a group... HELP this is awful and i can't find how or where to go to correct this... i get tons of emails daily and need this fixed... HELP....ANYONE...

Sachin Shetty

Try these steps

1. Open outlook

2. Right click on arrange by >select show in groups

3. Then arrange the emails by date

Check if this helps
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