Outlook 2010 closes when icon clicked__

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I would have thought this little issue would have been fixed in Outlook 2010. I have noticed it has been happening since 2003.

Here are my observations and specifics: I have always installed a link to outlook and have it in the quick start area of the Win 7 (even before in XP). I have noticed that there seems to be a significant difference between a message being open and the Outlook app being open. As I try to be tidy and close messages that are open which I do not need to have open, invariably I seem to also (or at times without knowing the difference) close the Outlook app. I can then have a few messages open but the app and the inbox are no longer open. This has been an irritation for many years in all versions of Outlook even in XP. To get to the Inbox I have to launch Outlook again.

And at other times, when I think maybe the Outlook app is not open and I press the Outlook icon in the quick start area, if the App (inbox) is currently open it then closes the Outlook app and I have to re-launch, etc. I find it most puzziling that a message or several messages can remain open and the app was closed, resulting in the inbox no longer even being displayed.

I have looked at a million things to fix this very annoying problem. I see several other people on the web who are articulating a similar situation.

Can anyone get their arms around this. I am just ticked that I have put up with this for so long without a solution being available.

Is it the way I am using the quick start area? Even though it did the exact same thing in XP, in the quick start area. I am using the Outlook app icon in Win 7 in a simialr fashion to the way I had used it in XP.

Am I calling the wrong link for the Outlook app in the quick start link?

Thx DD

Vinay - G

Remove the quick launch icon from the task bar and create a new one. You can try creating a shortcut on the desktop and check if it shows the same behavior.
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