Views on frequently updated public folders in Outlook 2003 for many users

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using Outlook 2003 I want to do the following:

- have public folders filled twice a day programmatically with addresses being displayed using customized views for all the users in my domain

What I did so far:

- filled the public folders directly using the outlook 11 object library. Turned out to take more than 6 hrs. -> now filling dummy folders locally to later copy folders to public folders. Takes 7 min which is OK.


- Customised views are still available for users but they have to set them every time. Management considers this annoying and wants me to change it.

After reading a lot without success there remain these questions:

- am I following the right approach?

- can somebody point me to the right direction pls?

- what is the code for clicking 'publish...' in 'Define views...'?

- when copying folders to public folders the information about the initial view is lost. How do I set this programmatically?

Obviously, when I simply create once and then always only update the public folders it will work but then I stay with 6hrs runnning time which is not an option.

Grateful for all your ideas!

Not open for further replies.
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