Dragging email to calendar creates event in wrong calendar...

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I support a number of users who are using Outlook 2010 synchronized with Exchange 2010.

A couple of them are having problems having their calendar events created in the proper, Exchange calendar. If I simply open Outlook 2010, switch to calendar and create a meeting or appointment, it is properly created in the Exchange calendar (as opposed to the default 'personal folders' calendar).

However, if they drag an email from their Exchange inbox onto the calendar icon, the resulting event exists in their 'personal folders' calendar, not in Exchange. This behaviour works fine on my computer.

I have made sure that both instances of Outlook have the default Outlook account to use the Exchange account. After reading another thread about someone who I thought was having this problem I have made sure that in the FILE > OPTIONS > ADVANCED - that Outlook is set to start-up in the Exchange account. But the problem persists.

Any help or advice gratefully appreciated.

Guruprasad Ra

Ensure that the exchange account data file is set as default or choose the exchange calendar as default.
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