Problems setting up Hotmail account with Outlook 2007/Microsoft 7 64bits/Hotmail connector 32bits

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I have just installed Microsoft 7 (64b), Outlook 2007 and the Hotmail connector (32b)

I want to set-up my Hotmail account on Outlook but it will not 'find the server' when trying to set it up in the Account Set-up.

Any known problems ? It is usually a pretty straightforward process ... don't understand ....

Ezil Vinoth

Post the exact error message that you get in Outlook?
Did you install the latest version Outlook connector? If yes, follow the steps below.

1. Create new profile

2. Open Outlook

3. In the Menu bar, click on Outlook connector and click "Add account"

4. Type the information and click ok.

5. Restart Outlook and check.
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