Copy/Paste from Office Word 2003 to Outlook 2003

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Skyline R32

Hello Everyone

I have a user who is experiencing a problem with copy/paste in Outlook 2003.

When a user is copying a text from word, internet explorer and e.g. to outlook 2003, he gets a "Blue question mark" aka “help sign”.

The steps that I've done to resolve this issue:

Outlook detect and repair,Disabling Add-ons,Re-installing Office 2003 but I had no luck :(

Computer Specifications:

OS: Windows 7

Office: Office 2003 + SP3

Antivirus: Symantec EndPoint Protection

Thank you

Guruprasad Ra

Try working in clean boot mode and check if this helps.

Refer to the following article and check if this helps:

Note: After you have finished troubleshooting reset the computer to start as usual.

If you are able to work in Outlook in clean boot, this might be due to a Non- Microsoft service.


Try posting this in the Outlook forum, you'll have better luck since it is not a Word problemIf this proposed solution has resolved your issue(s), please mark it as Answered to let others know the solution that worked for you
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