Print Contacts - Table Style in Outlook 2010 - no gridlines?

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We keep our contact info in Outlook and use it to mail out print newsletters (export to Access, run a query for Mailing List category, print labels) and to send holiday cards. We go through this list periodically to add and or delete people. This year, I've upgraded to Outlook 2010 and made some changes to the List but when printing the list for the boss to look over, I can't get gridlines to print. Is there any way to do this? I changed the View to a Customized List and then selected Print. I get 2 choices - Memo or Table - Selected Table - I see where to change the font and/or add gray shading but there aren't any options to print the gridlines (which show in the Table Style icon). My boss will go cross-eyed trying to go through about 700 contacts to add or delete without the lines.

I finally went to an older computer that has Outlook 2003 on it and was able to print the list with gridlines.


Well, not the answer I was looking for.

I tried cutting and pasting and it put my data on 2 lines which really wasn't helpful.


I applied for a job at Microsoft many years ago - they should have hired me! As a daily user of their software, I would make it a LOT more user friendly.

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What view are you using in Outlook? If you use a list view, it should paste all on one line (the mailing address might not paste right, but the individual address fields would)



That's what the issue was - I had the Business Address field selected and it put the City, State, Zip part on a second line. I changed the Fields in List View to the individual address fields and copied and pasted and it worked.

Just another Outlook quirk!

Another peeve is the way Insert Address in Word works. Why does it omit the Company field and add United States of America at the end? Yes, I know there's a work around for this and I have mine fixed by setting up a different AddressLayout but just seems like a lot of people would like to be able to just point click and put a client's address right into a letter. This has been plaguing me since I started using Outlook.
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