How do I customise the views from the little buttons on the status bar?

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While in the Mail section, there are two little buttons at the bottom, on the status bar, to the right, next to the zoom slider.

As my laptop only has a 1280x800 screen, I use the Reading View quite a lot, so that I can read email properly when I do not need the other panels.

But when I switch nack to normal view, the Tasks pane appears, even when it was not visible before I switched to Reading View.

Ideally it would remember whether the Tasks pane was visible or not, but I am doubtful if that is possible.

So, is it possible to customise the Normal View, so that the Tasks pane does not appear? I only want to view the Tasks pane occasionally, when I click on the minimised area.

(for some reason this post is turning up in grey text, and I have no idea how to fix it)

Roady [MVP]

No, there is no option to define that. You can toggle the To-Bar state via ALT+F2 though, perhaps that helps a little and reduces some mouse movement.


That's a pity. I'd say that is a UI usability oversight from Microsoft.

Roady [MVP]

Yeah, adding a few more View Shortcuts might have been nice (the Calendar has 4 so it is possible in the current design). You can contact Microsoft Product Support to make it an official feature suggestion for the next version of Outlook (or on rare occassions a Service Pack or Hotfix design change).
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