Performance Issues with Outlook. I lost the preview pane on my inbox

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Kevin Keep

I have two problems. One is that when i close outlook and reopen it later in the day it takes over 10 minutes for it to reopen and it says that the personal folders was not closed properly.

The second is that I lost the preview pane on my inbox yesterday.


Kevin Keep

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Does this happen even if you start Outlook in Safe Mode? (hold down CTRL while you click the icon) See if this helps:

The first problem is probably an add-in that is keeping Outlook open even after you close it.

The second could just be a View issue. If you click View | Reading Pane can you turn it back on?

What anti-virus software are you using?

Chandan Babariya

You can solve this issue by using one more option. First open you outlook let it take time, then go to Help -- Office Diagnostics and performe a complete diagnistics for your outlook it will repair all the problem of your Outlook.

Reading pane you can restore from View -- Reading pane settings.
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