Outlook 2002 - Out of memory & system resources. Also not recognising typed in email addresses.

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I have recently started getting an 'Out of memory and system resources error' at random intervals in Outlook 2002. It could be when i am forwarding an email (not large) or replying to an email for example. I am sure that this has nothing to do with lack of memory.

I have run scanpst and scanned and fixed my personal folders both Outlook & Achieve .pst files.They do seem to need 'fixing' each time I run this scan.

Also when I type a new email address into the TO field of a new email message Outlook is not recognising it as an email address (usually it checks it and puts a line under it to indicate it is a valid email address). These ARE valid email addresses i am trying to send emails to. If i try and send an email with a new address in the TO field that Outlook has not recognised then I again get the 'Out of memory...' error and have to close Outlook.

After closing Outlook and restarting it, it usually spends a while checking the Personal and Archieve folders for errors and will work fine for a while (apart for putting in new email addresses) and then I have the 'Out of memory...' error again.

Could this be a damaged email message in my inbox, a probelmatic add-in, mapi file damaged or is my Outlook profile damaged?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you



OL2002 will give various err's on the pst once it reaches 1.6gb or so

pst err's can also be as a result of failing HD

The autocomplete cache is stored as 'username'.nk2 file, it can become damaged. Deleting the file will allow it to be recreated over time

Presumably you ran OL detect/repair


Thanks for the info Palcouk, I did run OL detect/reapair. However it is not the autocomplete that is the issue, my Outlook does autocomplete email adreeses the issue is when i type in a new email address it doesn't recognise it as an email address and then I invaribly get the 'out of memory...' error and have to re-start Outlook any. Any ideas?

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