Outlook 2010 won't work with FSNET/Orange service? Turn to MS Mail

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As a longtime user of Outlook, I bought a copy of 2010 to put onto a new laptop (also Windows 7) and tried to configure it to send and receive e-mails from an Orange/Freeserve account that worked wonderfully in Outlook 7. Some hours later and after a prolonged conversation with Orange, it turns out that they don't believe their server can communicate with Outlook 2010 ..... I find this hard to believe but stuck with it. The upshot - should anyone else be struggling - is don't use Outlook 2010. I also tried manually setting up an account with Thunderbird. No dice.

The end result is the very same settings that failed with Outlook and Thunderbird, DID work with MS Mail.

A pity that I now have a completely worthless copy of Outlook 2010!

The question? Has anyone worked out how to use the legacy e-mail account path of fsnet.co.uk [what used to use pop.freeserve.com and smtp.freeserve.com] in Outlook 2010? As I say, it works in MS Mail and with changes to POP and SMTP - using 'orangehome' variants.

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It should work in Outlook 2010 (and t-bird) - there is nothing to " support" with POP3 and IMAP - it just works (or should :)). Support like to say they don't support something because they don't want to bother with actually supporting the software.

What error message do you get in the send/receive settings (or in the test mail dialog in Account settings)?


Ganesh Kumar N

What is the error message you get when you try to set up the account and send/receive mails?

Ganesh Kumar N


I too have just spent a couple of hours trying to setup a " freeserve" account on Outlook 2010 (on new windows 7 laptop). Copied exactly the same settings as for an existing installation on XP and it just wouldn't work. It found incoming pop3 server but on outgoing keep getting messages saying SMTP server timed out
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