Microsoft Outlook 2007: Won't Connect to Comcast Email.

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Operating System: Windows Vista 64 Bit

Software: Microsoft Outlook 2007

So i recently just reinstalled and reformatted my entire Operating System, connected it to a router, internet is working fine. NO Antivirus software or protection whatsoever.

And i decide to connect Outlook with my Comcast Email account, I looked at a bunch of Set Up Guides, followed them perfectly, over and over again deleting my account and recreating a new one. But the problem still occurs.

It states that my Username and Password is incorrect for my Comcast Email Account, however I insert the SAME exact Username and Password into and it logs in with no problem. So the Username and Password isn't an issue.

I tired using the " netsh disabled" thing in the command prompt, that didn't solve the issue.

Heres the Error Code: Log onto incoming mail server (POP3): The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP). The server responded: -ERR invalid username/password

I even tried changing the Incoming Server to: 995, and the Outgoing to: 587, Still no luck.

Is there some type of Port Forwarding i need to do on my router? I really need help on this, it would be much appreciated! If I can find a solution to this I would be the most happiest person on Earth, lol.

EDIT: It seems like it SENDS, but it just can't RECEIVE. And it constantly asks me for my Username and Passowrd.

Here's a few Pictures of my settings:


Comcast, Settings:


Incoming Mail Server>>>

Outgoing Mail Server>>>

Advanced Settings>>>Ports>>>110/587

More Settings>>>Check>>My outgoing server requires authentication

Check>>>Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Your user name is not your E-Mail address, think

Connection>>Check>>>Connect using my local area network


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Yea i tried all that, didn't work. :(

Do you think its some port forwarding I have to do? Or anything else interfering?


Click File>>>Work offline>>>X out of Outlook>>>Open Outlook>>>Remove E-Mail account that is giving trouble>>>X out of Outlook>>>Open Outlook>>>Click File>>>Uncheck Work Offline>>>Tools>>>E-Mail Accounts>>>Set it up


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