How to stop Live mail from getting my Outlook mail

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Hi All
I have an Outlook 2010 e-mail account and a Live mail account, I thought it would be a good idea to combine the 2, so I set up a Outlook folder in Live mail. Changed my mind a while later and decided I wanted them separate. So I went into Live mail and deleted the Outlook mail folder, and thought that was simple. Well too simple I am still getting my Outlook mail in my Live mail. How do I stop this.?
My provider is Yahoo and I have yahoo mail also, and I had my Outlook mail set up to leave my e-mails on the server, sort of like a back up for my mail. I mainly had the Live mail account because there are certain forums that their replies will be blocked by yahoo mail. So that is what it is used for, all my forum replies.

Relative Ray

How on earth did you deleted Outlook folder in live mail account?

First of all how did you setup live account in Outlook?

please be more clear, what do you mean by outlook mail in live mail................


Hi Ray
To answer your questions...I just want into WLM and where it said if you wanted to ad an account go here, it was very easy and just took a couple of steps to do, I just put in my Outlook address, and that was it. I rebooted and opened my WLM and there was my Outlook e-mail that I could click on and receive my mail, separate from my WLM in-box. So then instead of having 2 separate e-mail accounts to open I could get both all in one place. After using this way for a bit I decided I did not like it, and wanted to go back to the way I had it 2 separate e-mail accounts.

To answer your question about how did I remove it, I simply right clicked on the Outlook mail heading and it gave me several choices and one was to delete the Outlook account, so I selected delete and it went away, after I closed and reopened my WLM.
To be more clear about this is simple.... I am getting my Outlook e-mail in my WLM mail in-box. I am getting my normal things still in my WLM in-box, plus all my e-mail from my Outlook mail. Nothing goes to my Outlook mail from my WLM mail though. So by simply deleting the Outlook mail account like I did, only got rid of that wording not the actual thing that is keeping my Outlook mail coming to the WLM in box. I have tried checking and unchecking things to see if it would stop, but nothing is working so far. I always returned things back to what they were, after seeing if they changed anything.
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