Reduce Size of OST File generated by Outlook Connector (Outlook 2010)

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Hi to all,

Please some help over here.

I set a hotmail account using Outlook Connector and to use it I had to wait 3 days for Outlook to download more than 2GB from Inbox and sent items from my Hotmail account.

Well, I´ve been moving old emails to archive.pst files (more than 1.5 GB) using rules, but the OST file generated by Outlook Connector doesn´t change its size, and It´s not possible to select the normal Outlook option " Compress File" within Oulook Connector.

The OST file after moving old files must be more or less 750 MB.

Somebody knows how can I do to compress this OST file using Outlook, Outlook Connector or with some other way?

Besides this, somebody knows how can I change the default OST folder used by Outlook Connector? Is for drive space reasons.

Thanks in advance for any help.



Hi everybody again.

Any ideas about this issue?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi Vinay,

Thanks for your reply. The thing is the option " Compact" is not available in a hotmail account managed by Outlook Connector.

I´m using MS Outlook Pro 2010 and Outlook Connector V. 14.0.5117.5000 (the last one).

Somebody knows how can I compact the OST file generated and controlled by Outlook Connector?

Thanks in advance.
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