Outlook says the PST files is in use by another program - but it is not?

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I am trying to connect to a PST file I was using yesterday, but today I get the message the file is in use by another program - it is not?? how can i reset this so I can access it

thanks in advanced

Brian Tillman

Do you have any handheld deviced cradled? Do you have indexing on a desktop search configured to include Outlook? Do you have an antivirus program scanning the PST? If you open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and examine the Processes tab, do you see OUTLOOK.EXE there even when you believe Outlook is closed?


Ruchi Bisht

Try the steps mentioned below.

1. Close Outlook.

2. Hit the ALT+CTRL+DELETE key on the key board and select the Task manager.

3. Click on the process tab at the top ->look for Outlook .exe and click end process.

4. Open Outlook.

5. Click on File->Open->Outlook data file.

6. Select the PST file and click open

Ruchi Bisht
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