Upgrade to Outlook 2010 from 2003 Gives Thousands of Reminder Message

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I transfered a users PST file to a new laptop and upgraded her to Outlook 2010 but I am now receiving several thousand reminders all linking back to old emails from that PST file. They keep coming in and I cant keep ahead of them.

How do I clear them out? /cleanreminders only starts the process off from scratch.

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

1. How did you do the transfer?
2. Were any existing .PST files overwritten in the process?
3. Was this copied .PST file attached to Outlook 2003 before you did the upgrade?




1. Copied the users PST file to a USB drive and moved it to the new machine.

2. No, the installation was fresh

3. It was being used with Outlook 2003 before the upgrade. Does the problem lie with the fact that I did a direct upgrade to 2010?

I have tried it 2 ways so far, using the existing PST file for the new account and creating a new pst file and importing the mail from the old one. Both methods gave the same results.



No but I managed to manually clear the reminders using MFCMapi.

Thanks for your help, it pointed me in the right direction in any case.

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