Where's my Outlook 2010 mail?

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Installed Office 2010 on an XP Professional PC which had Office 2000 on it.

Outlook 2010 shows my calendar, contacts, notes, etc. But I cannot receive mail into Outlook. My Outlook.pst file left from Office 2000 is intact, and when I go to file/account settings/data files the Outlook.pst file appears opposite a check-marked Outlook and also an internet settings file shows under data files, opposite my email ID. Outlook will not let me change the data file reference that's opposite my email ID.

Installation had no instructions about the outlook.pst file. The internet settings file gets set up on the fly every time I open Outlook. Do I need toimport my outlook.pst file?

By the way, the outlook.pst file is marked as a 97-2002 outlook data file.

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

Did you uninstall Outlook 2000 first? Can you read the old email from this .PST file? How large is the file size? The normal method of opening a .PST file is 'File|Open|outlook Data File'. 97-2000 files are compatible, they have a maximum size of about 1.6 GB before they fail. On the Email Accounts tab, what delivery location is set as the default (Selected account delivers new messages to the following location)? What tab does this " Internet Settings" file appear on and what exactly is its name? What kind of email account do you have?




I did not uninstall Outlook 2000 first. I had expected Office 2010 to install over the top of Office 2000, but it did not do so.

My outlook.pst file is 253mb. It's regularly updated every time open Outlook, but no email comes in. The Outlook 2010 installation automatically set up the account parameters, and the account settings for Outlook 2010 show IMAP/SMTP.

The delivery location on the Email Accounts tab is set to C:\Documents and Settings\Chris\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\cannonc@ca.inter.net - Microsoft Outlook Internet Settings(3).pst right now. It sets up a new Outlook Internet Settings file all of the time, and currently two internet settings files (2) and (3) are being routinely updated as I write this. They are 256kb in size. I cannot change them. I've tried deleting them, and they just get set up all over again.

On my old Outlook account, the incoming mail server was a POP3 server. With outgoing mail at SMTP. I have used Outlook for many many years, and was very happy with the old Office 2000, but acquisition of an iPhone forced me into upgrading.

I very much appreciate your help. Thanks for addressing my question.

Hal Hostetler - Print-Imaging [MVP]

OK, the thing to do is to start with a fresh Outlook Profile . MANUALLY configure this profile to for correct SMTP and POP settings. When this is done,Reconnect your old Outlook data file using ''File|Open|Outlook Data File'. Once this is done, you can set it to be the default, as it was on your old machine. Better still, create a new 2003+ data file and drag and drop the contents of the old one into the new one to avoid the old size limits. For future reference, it is always better to uninstall an old Outlook/Office version before installing a new one. The multiple, unchangeable .PST files indicate Outlook Profile corruption.




I failed to answer one of your questions.

I can read the old email from the file.

Your question re the kind of email account prompted me to delete my email account and manually set it up. It's a pop server that delivers my email. Outlook's automated routine established my account as an IMAP account. And appeared to successfully test it.

I have been able to send mail out, but have not been able to receive mail while it's set up as an IMAP account.

Now that I've manually set it up as a pop account, the test message appears similarly successful. And the message is in my webmail inbox. But Outlook now goes through a mail receipt process (I have 18 messages in my webmail) and after it proceeds through appearing to receive 18 messages, it says

" receipt error"

" task cannonc@ca.inter.net - Receiving' reported error (0x80040154): 'Unknown error 0x80040154'"

I had just about opened a bottle of bubbly when I saw the receipt process starting, then was crushed.

I can send mail. I can't receive mail. And the error message doesn't tell me anything!

Boy would I appreciate help.


Thank you again. I'm away for the weekend, so will not be able to try the next steps until Tuesday.

Before I left home this morning, Microsoft's sites were not available on the internet! Yet everything else was. Wonder if the Wikileaks problems spread.

I'll cross my fingers that I can get this problem fixed. I had hoped Office 2010 would provide some instructions during the installation. It comes with no documentation -- just a DVD. (perhaps I should have examined the DVD's files....)


I finally uninstalled Office 2010, Visio 2002, and MS Project. Then reinstalled Office 2010. Now Outlook is receiving my mail! Of course now I've likely used up my two activations with the two installs on one computer, and will have to face how to install Office on the desktop!

Thank you again for your assistance.
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