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error messages saying can not find databackup.pst file


I have a similar problem, in Windows 7 64 bit, when I booted up the PC, and started Outlook 2010, it said it can't find the pst file. It then opened the directory where it was stored, and there is no pst file there. I did the usual search for .pst files on the entire drive and also used a couple of pretty powerful data recovery programs to search for any pst file that had been deleted to no avail. When I search for text in individual emails I get results for Outlook. When I click on Outlook it opens a window with the emails containing that phrase and I can click on a message and view it. I am not sure but this seems to only catch emails sent or received very recently, not older emails. Where are these emails located and how can I restore them to Outlook? More importantly, what did Outlook do with the pst file? I find it hard to believe that it is so permanently deleted that data recovery programs can't find it.

Karl Timmermans

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When searching for files - were "hidden files" included?

There is way way too much missing information in both your and jenifer's post regarding this:

- were files ever available? if yes, what was done between when available and when not?
- if not available - how were files moved to this machine?
etc etc
- for file that Outlook says it can't find - where does the Outlook profile think it's supposed to be and does it exist on the system in some other location?

In short - things don't generally go from "now you see it - now you don't" without some actions having taken place in between.


Somasundaram Pandiaraj

As stated by Karl, you"ll get that message if and only if the Outlook data file was either deleted or moved from the current location by some external source.
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