I can't connect to my Exchange account using Outlook for Mac 2011

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Using Outlook for Mac 2011 I can't connect to my Exchange account.

I have read the tutorials and online support pages.

I have consulted my IT administrator who repeatedly confirmed that my settings are correct and everything should work.

My organization uses Exchange Server 2010.

My account credentials and Exchange server name are correct.

Outlook is set to work online.

My network connection is available.

The server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server is available.

My Exchange account does not require me to log on by using an encrypted channel.

My computer does not require a mail proxy server to connect to the Exchange server.

I have the sritcest firewall settings on my Mac, so I loosened them up and tried again.

Still: when I create the account in Outlook, nothing happens.

When I try to force something to happen and send out an email, a little grey message panel says that " An unknown error has occurred in Outlook."

I'm starting to lose my hair, after I've been trying this thing for 4 days now.

Any idea to solve this would make me happy.

Thanks for everyone / Vilmos
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