How to remove underline from email addresses in outlook 2007 and Autotext also missing

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Hi Everyone,
I recently upgraded my outlook 2003 to 2007 and come up with more problems I regret that I upgraded to 2007. The problem that I have is when anybody sends an email to me and their email address typed on signature or anywhere in the email it is underlined and blue. I know its because of its link on it but I dont want it to appear like that coz I have to copy and paste those email address in several documents so it keeps on pasting with underline in it which I dont want. The other thing is my autotext seems to be disappeared I checked on word and it`s working fine on word 2007. Please help me guys.



Roady [MVP]

You can paste as Plain Text which will remove any links or additional formatting.

Outlook and Word 2007 do not longer share the same AutoText file and are now stored separately. This means that any AutoText entries that you want to have available in both applications also have to created in both applications.

Robert Sparnaaij



Hi Roady,
I tried several ways to get the solution for autotext but with no success. What I am trying to do is to copy my previous to another laptop which is configured to use my company emails where instantly autotext works for Word 2007 but not for outlook 2007 even I try to rename it to NormalEmail.dotm. I also tried to open the existing NormalEmail.dotm in word and saving as new file whilst outlook was closed. I googled and tried everything but no success only thing left is frustration. After changing file or remaing file i receive error like " Insufficient memory to save..........." or " You cannot save the file..............." Please help me...


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