Missing pst file for Outlook 2010

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I recently purchased a notebook with Windows 7 and installed office 2010. When I went to use outlook, i keep getting the message that the pst file can not be found. I did a search and I can't find a pst file. Out look will not open at all. I have tried to reinstall the software as well as run a repair...nothing has worked?

How do I go about creating a pst file in order to get outlook to work?

Russ Valentine

It is never necessary to create a PST file for a new installation of Outlook to work. It is only necessary to create an email account. Outlook will then create a PST file if necessary. There is something fishy about your post. I suspect you are leaving out some relevant details since Outlook would never throw this error on first launch. Tell us the rest of of your story and what messages you really got on first launch.Russ Valentine

Raju S Das

Is this first time you are using Outlook on this machine?

Create a new profile for outlook and re-create you email and check if it helps.Click here for information on creating Outlook profiles.

Diane Poremsky

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Did you use Easy Transfer to set up the new computer? That will cause problems. Create a new profile in Control panel, Mail and if you have a pst from an older computer, you can attach it to the profile at that time (provided it was created in outlook 2003 or later).

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