Outlook 2007 won't send outgoing emails

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I'm postin this again bc the title was incorrect. We still need assistance though.

There are 3 of us in this office - 2 in CA and I'm in OR. We all have the same mail server, but for some reason, since Friday, the 2 computers in CA can receive emails, but they are unable to send outgoing emails. My computer is sending and receiving fine, so I don't think it's a mail server problem.

When they compose/reply to emails and send, they automatically go into the Outbox and accumulates there. There are no error messages or error numbers. They just get relocated into Outbox.

I've had them check to SMTP and it is correct. Otherwise, I don't know the probelm. Pls help since we are trying to run a business.

We don't have an AVG installed.

Tried to forward emails and copy&paste to a brand new mail, but still not sending any.(went straght to outbox again). Some of them are bold&italic and some of them are not.

Ezil Vinoth

Is there any large size email stuck in Outbox?

Move all the emails from Outbox, keep Outbox empty and try to send a test email and check.

If you still face the issue, remove the email account and re-add the account and check.

If the above fails, restart the computer in clean boot and then check with sending emails.

Note: Restart the computer in normal mode later.


Hi, Thank you for your help.

I am 1of CA office.

I emptied Outbox and tried to send a test email to my co-worker in OR and myself, but it went straight to Outbox again.

I wanted to do remove the email account and re-add the accountbut I don't have the password to re-add the account, so I could'nt tried that.

And then I tried your link and started to download CLEAN BOOT, and I got this massage saying "Guided Help cannot be downloaded right now" for some reason.

I am so helpless. What else can I do?

It has been going on since Monday, for 2 computers in CA.

Please help......!

Ezil Vinoth

What type of email account is configured in Outlook (POP or IMAP or Exchange)?

Try to reset the password by contacting the email service provider and try to remove and re-add the account and check.


Hi Ezil, thanks for your reply. We had it resolved. We finally called Tech Support for Microsoft and they were able to fix it. Not quite sure what the problem was, but I think our email service provider reconfigured some email settings and forgot to change the outgoing email settings along with it.
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