Restore lost email files and contacts

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By mistake I deleted my Outlook 2003 profile. I was able to reinstall it but don't know how to recover lost files received, sent, and contacts, and subfolders with saved email files received. Are these files stored on my hard drive, and how do I reload? Any help is appreciated.

Gordon B-P

You are lucky. Deleting a Mail profile does not (in normal circumstances) delete the pst file. Open Outlook and do File-Open-Outlook Data File. It will open up the default pst file location, where you should see the old pst file. Open it, then set that as the default mail delivery location.

Niranjan I K

If you did not find any Outlook data file in the default location as suggested by "Gordon", then try to search for .pst files on your computer using the search feature available in Windows XP and open them in Outlook 2003.

To open the .pst file in Outlook, Click File > open >Outlook Data File, and browse to the location of the file.
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