Outlook 2007 Business contact manager freezes up in office word

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When emailing out of office word, outlook does come up with the document attachment that is being sent, but business contact manager pops up in a couple of seconds and freezes up and I have to close the outlook pop up and it asks if I want to save changes, okay yes, but if I go to outlook separately the email is there but not in drafts it's in the inbox with no continue with email option what do you do reply to your own email ?

Business contact managers pop up is a back up reminder but in the word program you can't snooze it or even close it unless you close outlook entirely, lol

It does pop up in outlook as well without word being opened too, but the difference is it doesn't freeze up, there is nothing to back up or archive.

win 7 64 bit, office 2007 small business/ outlook 2007

The reason for using outlook through word is word documents are not found in files through outlook only ? otherwise I'd primarily use outlook with word closed and send the documents.

But if I remember to snooze the reminder on business contact manager before I attempt to send out of word it works, but I do have to open outlook separately just so it will actually send the email, this is an annoyance to say the least.


Just another buried annoyance,

Never had the time to follow the reminder at the time but after doing so I just turned off reminders, lol this task isn't in either task list in outlook or business contact manager, go figure why, you have to follow the reminder to turn it OFF !

Micro-managements way of annoyance to back nothing, and would of told me that if I put in a disk to keep following instructions, you have no files to back lol enter contacts to back up and start again lol

Joe's answer

Do you still face the issue while sending mails from Word, Do you use Business Contact Manager in Outlook, If No, you could disable the addin
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