Delivery delay set by default

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Outlook 2007 has just started adding a delivery delay to sent emails.

There are no rules set to do this.

emails sit in the Outbox with delivery set to none and line characters in bold but not italic.

If email is re-opened and then re-sent the same thing occurs except line is no longer in bold.

If a rule is added to set delivery delay to 1 minute, when the time has passed the email is still not sent.

If delivery delay is manually unticked before 1st sending it makes no difference. When the email is re-opened and Delivery Options selected the delay check box is re-ticked.

I have uninstalled and re-installed Office 2007.



Brian Tillman

This is often caused by an add-in. It is not a delayed delivery setting. Start Outlook once in safe mode (hold Ctrl while you start it) and see if the behavior changes. If so, start Outlook normally, use the Trust Center to disable your add-ins, then add them back in one at a time until you find the culprit. Also, make sure that you do NOT scan mail with your antivirus program. Uninstall it completely, then reinstall it with a custom install, leaving out the mail scanning feature. You will be just as safe and the AV program won't be able to interfere with your mail.


Niyamath Khan

What type of email account was configured in Outlook? E.g. POP/IMAP/Exchange

You may start Outlook in safe mode and then try to send emails to check if it helps.

Click on Start > Run > Outlook /safe and hit on Enter.

Note: There is space between Outlook and /
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