Emailing invoices from Simply Accounting 2010 using Outlook 2007

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Using Simply Accounting 2010, MS Outlook 2007 with Windows 7 Home Premium on an Acer Notebook using the Bell turbo stick for Internet access. Outlook is configured to work with my local ISPs email - Sympatico and have no problems sending or receiving regular emails. However, when using Simply to email invoices to clients, nothing happens and there's no error message. When I had Simply 2008 on XP Pro emails worked fine without Outlook but not now. Has anyone else had this or similar problem? Please help.

Guruprasad Ra

Does the email window opens when try to send the invoice?

Try sending the invoice when Outlook is open and verify the results.


I've tried it both ways with Outlook open and with it closed. Neither is successful. I use the little email icon in Simply, top right, it presents a pop-up to select email, print or cancel, then the popup for address, subject, message along with a choice at the top for "my email software" or "billing boss" and "My E-Mail Software" is checked. I hit the send button and then nothing happens. I go to Outlook to check the outbox/sent and nothing is there.

I am not receiving any error message and can't find where these emails might be stored if at all. I've checked again to ensure that the system defaults were set to Outlook, tested by creating a document in Word 2007 and sending it. This was successful as all other email has been except for Simply.
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