Unable to send emails. Error Ox800CCC80

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[Title updation] (Ox800CCC80) I can receive but not send emails. My server is mail.tadaust.org.au. They cannot help as they do not support Microsoft outlook [Title updation] I have just had Office business added to the Computer which is on Windows7

Hassan El-Meligy, MSc

Try revising your account information and enable logging before sending (in both ways, either by adding the same user name / passwordor by having a second user name password for logging to the same server for sending, you may also change to another middle server such as the ISP provider server



Time to find a different domain and email host that does support outlook.

Hostmonster is very good and cheap.

Ezil Vinoth

What is the type of email account configured in outlook 2010(POP3, IMAP, Exchange or outlook connector)?

This error message is due to authentication to the outgoing server.

If you have set a POP3 account in outlook then click on file->account settings->click on the account->change->more settings->Outgoing server

Check “My outgoing server requires authentication” and Select Use the same settings as my incoming mail server and check if that helps.
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