create selectable sub groups within contacts folder.

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I want to break my contacts down into subgroups. Then when I select a subgroup to mail to for a new email, I want to be able to select and reject from within the chosen subgroup - not necessarily send to everybody who is listed.This was possible within Outlook Express.

I know how to create a distribution list in Outlook 2003, but I can't refine it per above.

Is this possible in a later version?

Ruchi Bisht

Create the distribution list, once you create the new mail message and select the distribution list, expand it and remove the required names.

Ruchi Bisht

Judy Gleeson - MVP Outlook

You can do far more using Categories as each Contact can be in more than one Category and you can group by Category as well as another field. eg group by Category, then by State. In fact, you have use 4 levels of grouping.

Using Categories also enables you to make Views filtered by Category.

Distribution Lists are probably the least functional way to manage your Contacts, and they are NOT resilient.

Regards Judy Gleeson, Canberra, Australia
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