Outlook 2007 crashes - Scan PST fails to complete.

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I have tryed to run the scanpst and it fails at 73% ran my anti vires and others with no luck. I can not open my mail and it crashes. and says to run scanpst. We have tryed to open the file as a read only to retrive data but it crashes. I would like to retrive the data in this file as it is my contact list and emails with information that I need. Any information that can help with this problem will be helpful. It appears that the only option I have is to deleate the file and create a new one if I ever want to see my email account again.

Guruprasad Ra

What is the size of the PST file?

Do you get any error message / error number when scan PST stops working?


This sounds like an overfull mail box or a huge .pst file.

Open Outlook in safe mode (press ctrl when clciking on the Outlook icon) this should then allow you to access Outlook as it disables alot of the memory hungry functions. Also do you use Business Contact Manager? (BCM)

Once you are in Outlook in safemode empty deleted items and also check sent items as alot of filespace can be hidden there. Once you are done, log out of Outlook and log back in in normal mode.

Let me know if there are any further issues.
Not open for further replies.