Outlook - check sent items if messages sent from a specific account move it to another mailbox sent



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We have outlook 2007 on Vista. All setup with Exchange outlook - each desktop setup with users mailbox, and hanging off their profile is the office generic mailbox. Any time we send a client a message we use the From field and put in the office mailbox name so it doesn't show that it is coming from our personal mailbox. They don't want us accesing as a secondary outlook profile, due to all the rules on it, so we have to hang the mailbox to view content and reply using the From field, but of course the sent items goes to our personal mailbox sent items, trying to figure out a way to maybe create a simple rule that will move anything with the from address to the hanging mailbox sent items.

Yes I did also post in the programming forum, but got no replies, so thought I try the outlook forum. thanks

Any ideas or suggestions.




No we can't have it set as a secondary outlook profile, it messes up all the other rules that are applied to the mailbox. Currently we are just hanging the mailbox from our own outlook profile, and when send an email use the From field to put in our office mailbox name. But for auditng purposes need any emails each individual sends using the From field to copy that message from their mailbox sent items to the office mailbox sent items.