I can not send mail through Outlook 2007. It stopped working after the last Windows security patch for outlook. I can send fine through Explorer and

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Outlook 2007 will not send mail out. It receives fine.The issue began after Windows security patch on 10/17/2010.I have tried resetting the ISP and internet settings to ensure "correct information" for sending and receiving mail. I read on another forum that You need to switch the raspppoe.sys file with another windows version to fix the problem. When i tried to switch the files, windows would not let me delete or move that file.

Ezil Vinoth

What happens when you try to send from Outlook? Do you get any error number or error message? Post the exact error.

Remove the account and re-add the account and check the status in new profile.


I tried to re-establish another user. When i try to open Qutlook i get this message:

"No profiles have been created. to create a new profile, use the mail icon in the control panel."

When i try to create a new user, Outlook wizard cannot make an incoming connection so the process fails.

I tried to re-install outlook from Window office suite. That was no help.

from what I have read, I think i need to load another version of outlook for it to work, ie... Windows 7 with windows vista or an earlier version. Those efforts have failed because i dont have admin rights to delete or replace the raspppoe.sys file.

Im open to try new things here.

Thanks for your response,


When I try to create a profile i get this error message.

error code:0x80040154

Ezil Vinoth

This problem may occur due to an unregistered .dll file named inetcomm.dll. To resolve the issue

1. Click start and then click run

2. Type the command and press Enter: regsvr32 inetcomm.dll

3. Restart your computer

4. Check with Outlook

If you still face the issue, restart the computer in safe mode with networking and check with Outlook.
Even in safe mode if the issue persists, run the fix-it and uninstall Office, restart the computer and install Office again and check with Outlook.

Note: Make sure you have the Disc and product key before you uninstall Office 2007.

Check the link fort more help for the same issue in Outlook 2010. The steps also holds good for Outlook 2007.

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