Receiving multiple copies of emails from server.

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I use Windows 7 and Outlook 2003 and Incredimail on POP3 with only one email profile. I receive repeats of the same email over and over and none of the current ones. I use ESET NOD32 virus protection. I can go to Yahoo to get my mail OK. Verizon can't help me. Their server checks out OK. I scanned for viruses OK.


Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

How often do you have Outlook checking for new e-mail?

Ruchi Bisht

This issue generally occurs if there are some corrupt e-mail on the server.

Try the below mentioned steps:

1. Login to webmail.

2. Move all the e-mails from Inbox to some other folder.

3. Open Outlook.

4. Try sending a test e-mail and check

Ruchi Bisht

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

So you have it set to check every 12 hours? I'm guessing it's probably more like every 5 minutes....if it's more often than every 5 minutes then you should set it to at least 5 minutes (10 would be better). Having it check too often can cause messages to get downloaded multiple times.


Ruchi Bisht,

Your recommendation worked. You are one smart little bugger.

Thanks, Jose'
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