From Field is blank in sent messages that I set to save to folder other than Sent Items

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I am using Outlook 2007, and my email account is on an Exchange Server. When I send a message setting the option to save the message to a folder other than Sent Items, the message goes through, but the From field is blank in the folder's message list. I can see my name in the From field if I open the message. It seems that this happens if the folder that I save the sent message to is either on my hard drive or in a separate IMAP account and not on the Exchange Server.

Note that this does not happen if I drag the message from my Sent Items folder on Exchange to a folder on the IMAP server or my hard drive. It only does this if I set the message to save to one of those folders as it sends.

How do I ensure that the From field is populated in the folder message lists when I am saving the sent messages elsewhere?

Ezil Vinoth

Are you abele to see the "from field" in sent items folder?

In the other folder which you have set to save the sent items follow the steps below.

1. Just above the emails in that folder, right click beside "Arrange by".

2. From the drop down, select "From".

3. Check the status.

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