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Rowan Bell

I purchased a new computer one month ago which had a one month trial version of Office Professional 2010. When it expired it asked me to upgrade which I did. Since then it keeps on asking me to upgrade and it doesn't allow me to send emails (but I can receive them). It now been several days like this and it's getting very frustrating, can some HELP?

Vinay - G

What is the type of Email account configured in Outlook (POP3, IMAP or an Exchange)?

Try sending a test email to yourself and check if you receive?

Click on file->account settings->Click on the account->Change->click on test account settings

See if you get any error message

Rowan Bell

Thanks for that! I hadn't realised that Office Home & Student 2010 didn't come with Outlook. How do I upgrade to Home & Business so I have Outlook?

Vinay - G

How did you buy office (Retail or download)?

If you have a retail version then you can probably check with the seller and return the software and get the suite that includes outlook.

If it is a download then contact the seller (Digital river).
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