Saving passwords - annoying pop up even after clicking save password

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lisa cushenette

How do i get MS Office 2010 to save my password for internet email. It pops up every few seconds even though i click the button that says "save this password in your password list"

Ruchi Bisht

What type of e-mail account do you have(e.g. POP, HOTMAIL, IMAP EXCHNAGE etc..)?

If you are not using Exchange account then try the below mentioned steps:

Step 1.

Login to you Webmail using the ID and Password.

If you are able to login successfully, enter the same user name and password in Outlook.

Step 2:

Remove , re-add the account and check.

Step 3:

Rest your password and check.

If you are using an Exchange account, follow the steps mentioned in the article below:

Ruchi Bisht
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