Send from another smtp address that is associated with my Exchange account (without setting up another account and without 'on behalf of')

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J Freed

How do I send an email from one of the other smtp addresses that is associated with my Exchange account so that the recipient only sees that email address?

The "other smtp addresses" that I am talking about are the addresses that show up when you double-click on your own name in an address field in Outlook and then click on the tab "E-mail Addresses". They suppose they could be called "aliases", though I do not know the most-technically correctly term for them.

I do NOT want the recipient to be able to see my primary email address in the from field or anywhere in the message headers. I also do NOT want to have to set up a separate account in Outlook for each of my smtp address aliases. Any corresponding suggestion will not meet my needs.

The reason for the first "NOT" is because I want to use these smtp aliases to help preclude spam (and I will just delete an alias if I start receiving unwanted email through it), and if the recipient can see my primary email address in the message header or elsewhere, e.g. in an "on behalf of" message, then they could circumvent my strategy.

The reason for the second "NOT" is because I have 100+ smtp aliases (generally one for each web site account) and it would take unacceptable amount of time and effort to set up an additional account for each one in Outlook.

Thank you for your response.

Black Barron

That is controlled by the smtp server /exchange which sends the message. Get in touch with the adminstrator of that smtp server / exchange server from where the mail is sent out


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