asking again, why am I getting weird thing when I want to paste in email?

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Well, this is still happening. Some Outlook setting is wrong. Maybe what type of email my Outlook is set up to create. When I reply to an email I have it put a copy of the email that I am replying to at the bottom of my new email. But if I right click on the new section and hope to chose "paste", it is not there! For some reason, the choices are just 3 - the two email signatures that I have created (simple text ones) or also a 3rd choice that just says Email Signature ... . Why is this happening?

Just more info - in the blue line at the top of the new email that I am creating by replying, it RE: subject line (KMM2593214V11520LIKM) - Message. My email editor is set to be my WORD 2003.

Can I give anyone any more info to have them help me solve this?

Hassan El-Meligy, MSc

Try using paste by using [CTRL - V] While pressing CTRL key press V instead of pasting with the right mouse

Or use the main menu to paste, sometime in same editing placing when you click the right mouse you get a different menu dep. on the format of the text your are on.



I can paste just fine if I go to Edit > Paste. But I really just want to figure out how to get back to the normal right-click pasting that I have always done. By the way ... I don't know what "dep" means, so please take that into account if you can still help me and are willing to try. Thanks!

Hassan El-Meligy, MSc

yep, nice to help

Try the following:-

Tools->Options->Mail Format->Editor Options The options of your Word 2003 pertaining to outlook 2003 will now appear Select Advanced Use smart cut and past sitting [button] Change the checkboxes and test the effect of that on the editing and the right mouse clikc

Also check (just in case) your mail signature

In most cases when you click the right mouse on a signature area (the cut and paste menu will not appear)

Please let me know if it helps


I am not seeing the things that you mention. I don't see anything called Editor Options. When I click Mail Format tab, I only see 3 sections: Message Format, Stationery and Fonts, Signatures.

In the Message Format section, I see Compose In This Message Format: with HTML chosen. The other unused choices are Plain Text and Rich Text. Also, below that there is a box checked that says Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 To Edit Email Messages.

Niyamath Khan

You may uncheck the option "Use Word 2003 as an email editor" and verify if you are able to paste by right clicking.

If above steps does not help in resolving the issue then you may create Outlooknew profile to check if it helps.


Wow - cool. That seems to have solved my problem! I will try it this way for a while a reply back if it ever does it again. Thanks.
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