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I have four email accounts in my Outlook 2007; my main email, a general mailbox to receive mail from our website, the mailbox of a former employee, and a fourth for a volunteer group in office. Mail addressed to me comes into the main mailbox, however, if I reply to any of the mail in my main mailbox, it is automatically sent from the mailbox for the mail coming from the website. The other day I was fiddling around with email accounts while while attempting to publish my calendar and set up my Windows Live ID, and I did have some issues with my passwords. I thought I got it all straightened out, but then I discover that my reply emails are being sent from the wrong account and I have no earthly idea how to solve this. When I look in Email Accounts, " send from this account by default" is next to my main mailbox. I can manually select the account I want to send from, but I didn't always have to and I'd like to fix this so I don't have to think about hit. Help! Please and thank you.

Brian Tillman

Outlook should send replies using whatever account actually received the message. Use Field Chooser to add the " E-mail Account" field and then you can see what account received it.

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