May I Send Animated GIF Images Or Flash Files In My Mails ?

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I Use Outlook 2007 ;

I Want Add Animated Images To My Mails . Is It Possible ? If Yes , How ? If No Which App Is Your Suggestion To do This ?

Thank You ...

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

Possible, yes, but I'd discourage it. For one thing you can't guarantee what e-mail client the other person is using. If they're reading your message on Outlook 2010 or web access with a browser that disables active content or a Blackberry or an iPad or.... then they won't see the images or flash files correctly.

With flash files in particular a lot of mail servers are going to block that traffic as potentially dangerous.

Lastly some people think those things are cute, but a lot of people (like me) think they're mostly just annoying.

If you really have your heart set on doing it this article might help:

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