Since outlook connector update unable to send mail Version 14.0.5117.5000 Errors: 4102& parsing MTOM

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Outlook Hotmail Connector Version 14.0.5117.5000

Account: *

Signed in successfully at 02/11/2010 20:24:52

Mail: Last successfully refreshed at 20:25.

Calendar: Last successfully refreshed at 20:25.

Contacts: Last successfully refreshed at 20:25.

Errors :

Time: 02/11/2010 20:26:04
Error in Mail
There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web.
Error: 4102. Client. Error parsing MTOM.

Time: 02/11/2010 20:27:12
Error in Mail
There is an error synchronizing your mail account. Please verify your account is configured correctly by first accessing your mail on the web.
Error: 4102. Client. Error parsing MTOM.


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Brian Tillman

And did you do what the error messages says to do by logging into your Windows Live/Hotmail account using a web browser?

Sachin Shetty

Try removing the account and then add it back.

The steps below would help you to remove the account.

1. In Outlook, click on Tools> Account Settings > Account Settings

2. Click on the account and then clickRemove

3. Clickyes to confirm that you want to remove the account.

4. ClickClose

Now try the following steps to add the account into outlook

1. Exit Outlook.

2. Download the Microsoft Office Outlook Connector.

3. When prompted to open or save the file, clickOpen.

4. When prompted to run the software, clickRun.

Note: You may see a security prompt, depending on which operating system or Web browser you use. If you see such a dialog box, you must click the option to continue with the installation.

5. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the installation.

6. The next time you start Outlook, you are prompted to configure the Outlook Connector. Enter the following information:

Your e-mail address

Your password

Your name as you want it to appear in the receiver's Inbox

7. ClickOK.
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