in box removing read and unread emails,

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Thanks Ben and yes, you are right , MS is for lawyers. The other thread for emails being removed does not address unread as well as read emails. Google shows these issues dating back to 2004 but not much more help. After updating to 2010 I added a second account which is the one dropping emails from the in box. Sent messages are remain visible. Fortunately I can still read the dropped emails on my i phone.

Ben M. Schorr [MVP]

You need to understand that there are THOUSANDS of "other threads" in these forums and a great deal of them deal with questions about e-mail going missing. So there's really no way for us to have any idea what "other thread" you're talking about.

So, let's try to clearly define (and hopefully resolve) your problem.

You're running Outlook 2010. What kind of e-mail accounts are you using it with? POP3? IMAP? Hotmail? Exchange? Something else?

What do you mean by "dropping emails from the Inbox"? Do the messages ever appear in the Inbox? Are there messages that were in the Inbox but have now disappeared? What kind of phone do you have that you're reading the messages on? How do you have the phone configured to get the e-mail?

As a wild guess, which is all I can offer based on so little information, it's possible that your "second account" is an IMAP account and your phone is using POP3 and downloading the mail without leaving a copy on the server.
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