Set Default 'from' in an email to a Distribution Group

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We frequently "send as" an Exchange Distribution Group. Is there a setting in Outlook or a plausible work around to set this as a default rather than the users exchange email?

Workstations are running Office 2010 and Windows XP

Server is SBS2008 and Exchange 2007

Russ Valentine

Link does not work = "Bad request". Is Microsoft ever going to get the KB working again? This is very tedious.Russ Valentine


Thank you for the link. While that changes the label on the account to be show correctly. I need to change the default Email account to a Group Distribution account. So far i have been unable to add that email as its on outlook profile.

The Distribution Group is set up as a Universal Group Scope and with the type of Distribution. We have granted each "member" Send As rights.

We change this "from" field to show the distribution group so that replys are sent to the group.

Russ Valentine

AFAIK, the account from which a DL is sent cannot be made a property of the DL itself.Russ Valentine
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